[SHARE] GAB - Gekko Automated Backtests
(03-26-2018, 09:38 PM)0mathew0 Wrote:
(03-26-2018, 09:24 PM)tommiehansen Wrote: Well.. curl errors usually means it has timed out.
This is quite hard to debug unfortunately since you do not supply a way to recreate the issue?

Status 500 = internal server error which is quite a hard error.
Status 0 = Does not exist, this is an internal status meaning that cURL didn't return anything.

Timeout within PHP is set to 3600 meaning 60 minutes.

Unless you have a RPI3 with Jessie and VNC access it would be hard to recreate Wink just hoped you have an idea. Not using local Firefox but the one on my remote PC reduced the errors, so it must have to do with performance, although it was not running above 60% CPU and 50% MEM when the errors occured.

I should avoid stressing my trading RPI anyway, so I will finally install gekko on my Windows 10 machine for backtesting purposes now.

If you actually ran the browser in RPI3 the un-optimized frontend code could probably cause some problems. Do note that debugging for the frontend hasn't been done whatsoever when it comes to cross-browser compatibility (and performance issues); it's only tested in Chrome (because time...).

Not much though has gone into optimizing the frontend either since that is usually the lightest part of it all and i wouldn't expect people to run browsers on RPI3 but rather use it in a client > server way if having a RPI3 (meaning you run the frontend (GAB) on computer A and then use the RPI as computer B where the actual backtests are performed).

Do also note that you don't actually have to use the frontend at all for using GAB.
You could set it up so that you only use system/post.php and POST the dynamic TOML files + candle size + strategy name to it.
It won't currently be multi-threaded if you do it that way but it will work

Sample POST to system/post.php:
dataset: {"exchange":"bitfinex","currency":"USD","asset":"XRP","from":1508499360,"to":1517574720}
toml: # SMA Trends
SMA_long = 100:1000,100
SMA_short = 10:50,10

BULL_RSI = 10:20,5
BULL_RSI_high = 75:85,5
BULL_RSI_low = 50:60,5

BEAR_RSI = 10:20,5
BEAR_RSI_high = 50:60,5
BEAR_RSI_low = 10:30,5

candle_size: 3:5,1
history_size: 10
ajax_timeout: 5
threads: 3

So basically you could create this:
/you/gab_run.sh (some logic for running it again and again since post.php will only run once and some logic for using setup.conf)
/you/gab_setup.conf (your POST params)

And thus you wouldn't need a browser but could rather only use the 'View' part of GAB if you want.
You could this way also fire up X num PHP requests and some handlers for that etc in order to multi-thread it etc ... etc ... install nginx for better handling etc ... (i could go on forever).

I could do all this myself ofc, but again --- time! Smile

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