[SHARE] GAB - Gekko Automated Backtests
(03-26-2018, 05:39 PM)simpsus Wrote: In your screenshot with the insane results, the market also was performing really really well.
That is because you took a very long dataset to backtest on.

Do you do that for general robustness of the result?
My hunch is that this is a bad idea as the next time will have little to no resemblence to most of this time. Seeing these market increases is not realistic (otherwise we all should hodl).

I fail to see how this is related to the tool. It shows result and cares less about backtesting theory, it's up to the user to interpret the results.
If you want to discuss backtesting theory and and hunches it may be a better idea to start a thread about that?

Just for you though -- here's a screen of something that is really over the top:

Usually i don't share these sort of results though since it only leads to people believing all sorts of crazy stuff and because the simply fact that most doesn't seem to really grasp how to interpret results. That's the reason the main screenshot does not include such an insane result (but a lower 50k% gain). As i said -- it's up to the user to interpret the results. I only see it as 'these range of settings seem to stand a better change then these others'. How others interpret stuff or use/abuse the tool i leave up to them. Smile

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