[SHARE] GAB - Gekko Automated Backtests
Oh... Why don't you run your backtesting on your work computer?

This would be preferrable since your work computer probably is a desktop and could run 24/7 much, much... better then your laptop.
If you got a little $$$ laying around you could also buy a small box with some older desktop i5/i7 that still would be much faster then your laptop (due to the fact that it's desktop class...). You can basically find this on eBay or anywhere else for under $200.

To simply remote into it (and check stuff from home) use something simple such as TeamViewer that doesn't require you to become an expert on remote access security and stuff like that.

Running stuff 24/7 on a laptop isn't something i would recommend.
I use mine mainly for testing, not really for doing 2h+ runs...

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