[SHARE] GAB - Gekko Automated Backtests
(03-26-2018, 07:36 AM)donkykong017 Wrote:  
2./3. yeah that seems to work. tried different strats and they all work. this definitely had something to do with the tulib talind indicators. but seems to be working great now.
4./6. yeah i got the sorting. i had some special cases where i tested other strats where i would like so take 2/3 values into account when sorting. but this should be solved when i can use more than 99 results. when i have 10000+ runs there should be lots more in consideration that could be very useful. instead with 99 there could be lots of results that never show e.g. when sorting with Strat profit there could be false positives (results with billions and trillions of profit) that i would like to avoid. a combination of Strat profit and sharpe could be a good idea.

5. ok got that. so is the default with backtesting the default from the UI (0.05)?

7. one thing that came to my mind with testing Strats that use Parameters in the 0.001 range: the average Strat parameters in the results view only shows whole numbers. more detailed views would be awesome there.

i will have to have a look at the new update though and will test there. 

thx for the update 

5. I do not know, i'm a version behind now so one task i got is to update Gekko and fix any errors that might occur. The last update took around 9 hours to complete, so i'm a little tired at the moment (worked on it from 18:00 > 04:00).

7. Yes, this is currently a problem. The average parameters for float values works better now in the last version but it isn't really 100% yet. The code is better in that it is more organized now so fixes should be a little more simple in the future.

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