Gekko Disconnected... Only from mobile device?
(02-27-2018, 08:19 AM)bradmin Wrote: Hi everyone, and thanks Mike for an amazing incentive to learn. Very much appreciate all you and the community have done with Gekko.

For network/ISP wonks perhaps... I have Gekko served via nginx, and it is accessible from virtually any device I point to it. So far, however, any time I attempt to access Gekko on a mobile device (on or off data, WiFi, whatever) Gekko reports that it is disconnected. Confirmed that server is up. In fact, I can watch the back end refresh GET assets when I refresh the browser. But immediately it disconnects. Any idea what is causing this? To confirm, the service runs through Firefox on the Linux box and Chrome on a Chromebook. Does not run on Chrome (mobile) or Safari (mobile).

Feels like a device limitation; do others experience this? If not, what might I have done wrong in setting up nginx?


i have a similar experience with the same setup. nginx and running on aws ec2 i cant connect from safari, other browsers work. but sometimes i see the disconnect screen after i put in the login for a short time, then it goes away. i have not found out whats going on

p.s.: i see a http warning after using nginx although i set it up like in the guide and it schuld use https

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