Gekko Disconnected... Only from mobile device?
Hi everyone, and thanks Mike for an amazing incentive to learn. Very much appreciate all you and the community have done with Gekko.

For network/ISP wonks perhaps... I have Gekko served via nginx, and it is accessible from virtually any device I point to it. So far, however, any time I attempt to access Gekko on a mobile device (on or off data, WiFi, whatever) Gekko reports that it is disconnected. Confirmed that server is up. In fact, I can watch the back end refresh GET assets when I refresh the browser. But immediately it disconnects. Any idea what is causing this? To confirm, the service runs through Firefox on the Linux box and Chrome on a Chromebook. Does not run on Chrome (mobile) or Safari (mobile).

Feels like a device limitation; do others experience this? If not, what might I have done wrong in setting up nginx?


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Gekko Disconnected... Only from mobile device? - by bradmin - 02-27-2018, 08:19 AM

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