portfolioManager-pinpong how to operate
(02-14-2018, 07:31 PM)susitronix Wrote: The portofolio manager is part of gekko.
It will buy/sell for us.

ITS THE FRONTEND. You can not use it separat.
Also the VARs (CURRENT SELL PRICE) used by portofolio manager can not be listenig to from the Strat,
because this seems to be a differnet Class/Level of the Gekko Structure.


Hi @BitKwik & @Altcoinnoob, if you just wanna give a try, here's a modified portfolioManager

No need to patch certain files, just replace the portfolioManager.js using the modified file, then run gekko as usual.

This setting can be used for poloniex (USDT-BTC), using lot size of 11K satoshi for each trade. (You might modify the lot size in variables: amounttobuy & amounttosell).

Inside config file, make following settings to get frequent buy & sell.

exchange: 'poloniex', currency: 'USDT', asset: 'BTC',

config.tradingAdvisor = { enabled: true, method: 'RSI', candleSize: 1, historySize: 3, adapter: 'sqlite'}``

// RSI settings: config.RSI = { interval: 5, thresholds: { low: 30, high: 70, // How many candle intervals should a trend persist // before we consider it real? persistence: 2 } };

where do we write these commands and how do we run them

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