a couple of technical Questions
first of all I want to thank you all here for the great work... I have been researching trading bots along time now, and I have to admit your work here is great... so thanks... and keep up the great work... 
also looking forward for the hosted Gekko that you announced... that could be great for a lot of us... 

now to my questions... 
I am setting Gekko up to run in an VPS on Linux, and I am convinced with a good strategy that I want to try now live... 
And after reading the comments of ASKMIKE I decided to run Gekko from the CL 
but I still have some Questions: 

1. the ORDERS: 
how will Gekko perform the orders on the exchanges ? are they market orders or limit orders ? and if they are limit orders, and they don't trigger (the price moved very fast) will it cancel the order or not? and if they are Market Orders, will it consider the Advice price as the start or the real price that it was able to get on the exchange ? 

and because we are in Exchanges (not CFDs) does this mean Gekko will never be able to run a Short before it had a Long right? 

2. Margin: 
is it possible to make Gekko run Margin Orders (in Bitfinix for example!) or will it always run an exchange order?

3. Multiplie instances: 
I understood from multiple  comments from Mike, that Gekko always uses 100% of the asset to run a strategy, so if I want trade more than one trader on the same exchange I should use disjunct couples i.e. BTC/USD , ETH/EUR for example... and I need to start a different Terminal window and a Gekko in every one... the main Question now: 
do I need to make a different copy of Gekko (different folder) for every Livetrade Gekko?  I understand that I have to change the config files for every Livetrade Setup (to add the different APIs if I am using different exchanges, and to add different parameters for the same strategy or different strategies.. IS THIS right? 
so for example If I want to run 3 Pairs (BTC/USD, ETH/EUR on Bitfiniex and BTC/LTC on Binance) I make 3 copies of Gekko, run every one separate  in a terminal window and leave it working... 
Am I right? 

I appreciate your help very much... 

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