Ping Pong strategy ??
(02-09-2018, 04:32 AM)susitronix Wrote: Hi
A pinpong strategie would be difficult because when the market Trend goes in the UNWANTED DIRECTION
it would hold a BAG and never do as you expect it to.

There are many example Strategies that ALL work Dynamic and therefor adjust to the current Trend situation.
Almost as if you would daytrade your self BUT 24/7...

I'm only new to all this so my terminology is WAAAAAYYYY off.

What I am/was looking at VERY basic level is
- Low-value coins (e.g. Ripple)
- "buy low, sell high"
- small margins (1-2%+costs)
-   on a rising (bull?) market
- multiple small trades a day
-   I was also thinking of spliting the capitol and using (1/2 or 1/4) fro each Buy-Sell (spread the risk)
- stop trade/sell in a bear?(down tracking market)
-  Add a bit of smarts/indicators here to not drop out too soon
I saw that "strategy" written as ping-pong was I wrong?

It's how I was doing a little "play" trading when the market was good.
There is a lot more to it than that but that is the core.

I've played/tested most of the sample strategies but none of them appears to work in the current market and most lost big time.
"Simple RSI BULL/BEAR strategy" was the best but even that didn't achieve what I wanted.

So I thought I'd get my hadns dirty and write my own. Smile Confused Huh Undecided

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