Access PerformanceAnalyzer Statistics in Plugins
> Do you run it on a virtual server?

Yes most of the time. I used to run it on a rasppi for a long time but I am traveling around to much so can't keep it running 24/7.

> Do you use the GUI or Command line?

Mostly CLI (except for backtesting), don't need to setup webservers and such, simple git pull add a config and run it in screen (or pm2).

> How do you keep track of your profits / monitor progress etc?

This for me is actually a bit complex: I am running a ton of trading systems (some gekkos, some market making and some arbitrage stuff), I have a my own monitoring system for some systems (it's basically an API where all systems push updates to every minute or so) and a promotheus server for other stuff. It kind of grew into this thing, but it works for me. Has a mobile dashboard so I can check everything on the fly.

It's all a bit complex and does more than monitoring, I'm trying to keep some hedges in case everything goes to bad (like it did late december) and they get adjusted automatically. This last thing not on the level I am comfortable with just yet, but it's a work in progress Smile

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