Access PerformanceAnalyzer Statistics in Plugins
(02-07-2018, 08:16 AM)askmike Wrote: Very good question, the result of the PerformanceAnalyser is actually hidden for other plugins. However I am in the process of changing that: I will use proper events for everything, as well as add a few plugins that log some stuff (like trades, profit reports) to CSV.

There is a PR open where I am working on this, will take a while because it requires a lot of changes. Here is the PR:

Cool good to hear there's some options coming. So.. maybe the easiest solution for me right now is to code my local branch with the Pushover plugin into the PerformanceAnalyzer/logger.js plugin so instead of logging it sends me a message as well..

Also just wondering how you use Gekko for your live trades since you're the creator and know it well. Do you run it on a virtual server? Do you use the GUI or Command line? How do you keep track of your profits / monitor progress etc?

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