Access PerformanceAnalyzer Statistics in Plugins
I've changed my setup recently from using the UI to running Command Line Gekko as a proper service on my linux box.. which has added benefits of starting and stopping many different strategies, but on the downside I've found the reporting really average.

I've been scrolling through a log file looking for the Buy and Sell to figure out whats going on.
Surely there is a better way? Maybe I've missed something??

Anyway I've enabled the Pushover app plugin which seems to be good but very limited info...

My question is can I access the PerformanceAnalyser plugin and statistics functions from within the Pushover plugin?

Ideally every time I go long I want just a message saying that I've gone long at price X.
And every time I go short it should tell me the sell price, my current trade profit/loss and the total portfolio profit/loss since starting the strategy. 

Keen to get some thoughts on the best approach here before I start coding.. as it seems difficult to easily test this without actually starting the bot and hoping for the best.


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