An official Gekko service is coming soon:
(03-03-2019, 07:27 PM)Thornytech Wrote: Hi, Gekko plus looks like an interesting idea for strategy creators and I've got 2 main questions at the moment.

What is the payout to a creator? I can't find any information on this other than how much the different packages cost.

Also, do you support the different indicator libraries used in Gekko or do we need to create custom indicators as part of the upload?



The payout is shown in the Creator agreement by accessing Account -> Settings -> Creator settings on Gekko Plus.

It is also quickly shown on askmiketuts' YouTube channel on video "How to monetize you Gekko Strategies in the Gekko Plus marketplace".

Quote:Gekko Plus will pay you every time your strategy is used with real funds, regardless of the performance of your strategy. We will pay you daily (snapshot at UTC 12:00) for every live trading bot within Gekko Plus according to the payment formula. 
The payment formula is:
- Payment per day per strategy: €5 / 30 * (1 / A) * U
- A = amount of live bots user is running with real funds
- U = amount of users 
In the creator settings dashboard you are able to track these statistics. Note that you will be paid in Bitcoin into your bitcoin address monthly. A list of historical payments (with Euro amount, Bitcoin amount, conversion rate, bitcoin tx) as well as pending payment amount and next payout date are also available in the creator settings dashboard. 

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