An official Gekko service is coming soon:
Hey Mike,

a great idea and a logical step.
I do have some concerns though you might address and consider.

I believe it is hard to gain the trust of the people that want to trade live without having a reputable company and funding backing this adventure. In many ways their money could go poof. Of course i am not talking about the general trading risks.

Strategy-wise i believe the user expectations are very high using a paid service, meaning the current default strats just won't cut it. Probably you will have to throw in all AI, GA, machine learning into it that is ready to fly from constant backtests. If you make them customizable, like you say, you're exposing trade secrets. You know there are people selling gekko and strats.

I trust it will gain popularity and that might be not desired by some. What's to stop an exchange from attempting to block your service?

As much as i like the idea and would want to join, i believe you should also continue improving the stand alone version. I'd pay for that too.
Given the choice i'd prefer to run it as a daemon on my own hardware. Ideally both remain with the same functionality.

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