[SHARE] Simple RSI BULL/BEAR strategy
(11-15-2018, 09:41 AM)kinakuta Wrote: @danibeni81
Thank you, great post and impressive work.

And yes, I agree, I would do different backtests for bear, bull and sideways time frames and compare shorter periods with longer ones. I would love to pitch in, but I'm currently too busy with work and kids to really spend a lot of time on backtesting Gekko strats. But I really appreciate you sharing your results.

Problem with backtesting is, it's only technical analysis, while there's no way to really backtest fundamental analysis. There is a tool that shows the correlation between google searches and BTC price movements, very interesting: https://www.a4dbull.com/p/blog-page.html

So as good as any TA can be, there will always be the next FUD, FOMO etc. triggered by some news, fake or real. We need to remember that the crypto market really is still in its infancy, we still need a lot more institutional money in the game to stabilize volatility in the long term.

Yep, the stuff regarding correlation between "other trends" such as e.g. Google Searches, Twitter posts.. etc.. is ofc interesting.
Problem is that any API would require historical data to test since requesting X each tick would be extraordinarily slow.
If extraordinarily slow we cannot backtest (fast) and thus show that X shows some promise.
Usually around 10 000x backtests are ok to conclude if something works or not.
Imagine 10k backtests when each backtest take 10 minutes to complete ......

Do note that the RBB ADX is mearly an idea of how one could attack a general problem. It, and it's parameters, are and should not be considered "final" in any way shape or form. If one want to improve it furher one should consider modifying the base strategy with additional logic. Many have probably done that but haven't shared the code. Smile

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