[SHARE] Simple RSI BULL/BEAR strategy

You're right. I didn't want to believe at first but it is pretty obvious. Running at every 5 minutes is a perfect way to drain any profits as the strat rides it to the bottom. The strat also has a flaw where it attempts to buy during the bull trend after a peak. In a bull market, that will probably work great as its more a respite for the bulls before they push to new highs. But during bear market, it's like throwing good money after bad by buying as the market turns bearish and then it ends up holding until the it hit bear high, at which point, you are already down 5 - 10%. The end result is it performs worse than buy and hold.

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There are ways to fix this as others have mentioned. But without applying any fix, you can probably increase the candle size to 1 hour or higher and run new backtests to find the correct parameters.
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