[SHARE] Simple RSI BULL/BEAR strategy
Wow, here is a really active discussion about the RSI BULL BEAR strategy. I am taking a wider look into indicators and strategy concepts these days. Since this strat has such a popularity, are there any performance figures using it on ETH (vs. EURO or USDT) from the beginning of this year until let's say 2018-09-07 ?
To get a reference when things are really optimized using this strategy. E.g. if it gives a ROI of +80% then another strategy approach needs to beat this. Of course this does not mean it will perform well on another coin also.

@crypto49er (small) losses in july / august also disappointed me, so I added the Triple EMA (TEMA) indicator yesterday to get a smooth trend line and to measure trend strength using the current and previous candle TEMA (taking the TEMA of two weeks). This improved the existing strategy a lot since I have a chart segmentation between strong bull, strong bear and sideway trend. Long term MACD or RSI did not perform nice for me for this approach. Right now I am trading on strong bull only - this stopped the frustrating july/august trades. Will now look for a suitable strategy (probably using another candle size) to handle the sideway trends and pick gains during this time - I consider to use Bollinger Bands for this.

Also worth to look at:

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