[SHARE] Simple RSI BULL/BEAR strategy
I have. I ran it for about a month in July and August. It is too frustrating a strat because the win rate is low. It usually does something like this.

1st roundtrip: -2% loss
2nd roundtrip: -3% loss
3rd roundtrip: -1% loss
4th roundtrip: 8% profit
5th roundtrip: 2% loss

I still believe it has potential, but you literally can't look at the results as there are way more losses than wins. It also needs the following adjustments:
-Buy only when RSI is going up, not just hitting a set number (often it buys when RSI is going down)
-Buy only when a candle hits a certain volume (I think someone else suggested that earlier)

I'm working on other stuff now, but I will eventually add those to the strat and see how it works. They are not that hard to implement, anyone who modded a strat previously should be able to do it.
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