[SHARE] Simple RSI BULL/BEAR strategy

thanks, Great video's by the way  Big Grin 
Gekko needs to turn on and only then the bot is trading correct ? I can not shut down my computer and aspect the bot is still trading ? 
I need to add the stategy also by config correct ? and then the parameters 

I am new with gekko. I create my own parameters. Could any one with experience check if they are good ? 
Is the live trade bot always the same outcome than the back test. 
Example: If i trade a live bot with below parameters and strategie I had made about 25 % ? I understand that I can deviate with a couple of % with the backtest. But it is not like If i go trading with below strategie and parameters I  have -50% in stead of +25%(+-10 deviate)

complete parameters:
# SMA Trends
SMA_long = 475
SMA_short = 60

BULL_RSI_high = 70
BULL_RSI_low = 49

BEAR_RSI_high = 51
BEAR_RSI_low = 15

With me paper trade i get a error This is Gekko crashed with the following error: ERROR: Error: SQLITE_BUSY: database is locked or This is Gekko crashed with the following error: { "errno": 5, "code": "SQLITE_BUSY" }
Can i play the market watchter and the paper bot add the same time ? because when i start a paper trader automatic start mark watchter and i get that error. i would also thought that the error would come from a config file ? I have made a topic in a other thread

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