[SHARE] Simple RSI BULL/BEAR strategy
(05-15-2018, 06:10 PM)Henry151 Wrote:
(05-14-2018, 03:59 AM)whoodat Wrote: I am trying to run this in CLI and I am receiving this error: this.addIndicator('maSlow', 'SMA', this.settings.SMA.long );

** I see on this forum a few pages back someone said you have to take the TOML file and convert it to JSON. I did this and yet I am still receiving the same error. Any help is greatly appreciated. **


So, you don't need to just convert the TOML file to JSON, you actually have to put the json data into the config file itself, like https://github.com/askmike/gekko/blob/de...-config.js in the "configuring trading advice" section.

Thank you will try this tonight!

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