[SHARE] Simple RSI BULL/BEAR strategy
I'm okay with 5 minute candles right now. Although I might reconsider if my bot continues to make bad trades. It made one the other day that was a -7% trade. So far, that was the only bad one. Time will tell. The downside of large candles like 15 minutes is you potentially miss out on trades because of how volatile crypto is.

Hypothetical Example: At 9 AM, the coin was at 8000, At 9:05, it was at 9100. By 9:15, it was at 8500. If the conditions became valid at 9:01, the 5 minute candle setup would have missed out 4 minutes of price action but the 15 minute candle setup would have missed out on 14 minutes of price action. Although the size of the candle also affects the parameters you select as a RSI of 70 for the 5 minute candle is probably 45 or 50 for the 15 minute candle.
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