[SHARE] Simple RSI BULL/BEAR strategy
That Code of yours is astonishing!
Its so direct and nice structurized.

With a few Backtesting on:

Result very satisfying allready.
Works best with 11 minutes Candles.
Looks like the Daytrader i was looking for.

Only downside:
if at the Bull Trend the last Trade was a Buy,
then, when entering the Bear Trend, it would keep the Bag maybe because of the "BullTrend.WaitState"?

You obviously must be one of the smart guys but kind enough to share with us... Thanks

Looks good

But thats the most impressive Part that it allready begin to work a treat by only change to 11 minutes Candles.
Imagine what a proper Optimatisation could do!

This clearly proves for me that the code of yours works.

The Importer is not finished Download otherwise i will try Stoploss like so:

   if( maFast < maSlow )
        // in case before Trendreversal the last trade, is a buy?
        if( this.advice == 'long');
        // get rid of the BAG
            this.advice ('short');
       log.debug('BEAR Trend');
       rsi = ind.BEAR_RSI.result.result;
       if( rsi > this.settings.BEAR_RSI_high ) goShort = true;
       if( rsi < this.settings.BEAR_RSI_low )  goLong = true;

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