[SHARE] Simple RSI BULL/BEAR strategy
Hey Tommi, 

again thanks a lot for this great setup here... 
i am getting very interesting results for the backtests over months... 

and I am setting up a VPS to do some real live testing, and I think in a couple of days I will give it a try with live trading it... 

Some Qs I have...  

- Does I need to setup any thing else in the code to make it live trade this ? or is it enough to just have the API in Gekko?
- Did you figure out how will the trades be executed in the Exchange? I mean will they be Limit Orders for example or Market Orders? And will it trigger Margin Orders too if I use Bitfinix for Example?
- How much % of the Portofolio the trade will use and how to optimise this? and how many parallel trades it would open, or is it always one trade Buy and another Sell to close it... ?

I would really like to find the answers for these Questions before Trial and Error with real money.. 

buy the way, I did like an excel sheet with more than 10 Backtests over months with different values and different settings... I will send it to you tomorrow after it is finished.. it looks nice

thanks again.

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