[BOUNTY] Transform a Pine Script indicator to a Gekko indicator
08.02 Edit:

Since my OP wasn't informative enough I am adding here what I would like from this indicator:

1) I would like the indicator to return different attributes about the current given candle size (15m, 1H, 2H etc) in such a way that they could be used in strategies. The indicator returns a lot of information in any given timeframe and I would like to be able to use that information as much as possible. Also it needs just 4 candles to warm up;

2) I would like to be able to run and also backtest this indicator on a live market in the any timeframe that I want. Let's say 1H. I would like the indicator to continuously (live) check the status of the current candle and to return what number it represents in a setup or countdown counter (1 green/red, 2 green/red, 3 green/red etc). After reporting the number of the candle I would like the strategy to act upon this returned number and give long or short signal based on somehow custom attributes. For example I am interested in a strategy that sounds like this: When candle 2 starts trading above/below candle 1 then long/short. This would be to open the trade. I'll get to the closing the order in a second.

3) About closing the order or giving the short/long signal. MeanSquaredError told me in a private message:

"Right now the strategy just issues a 'short' or 'long' advice to Gekko once the TD countdown is completed. If by SL and TP you mean the stop-loss and take-profit, then I guess I can implement something like that, but the real problem is that the custom strategy does not see separate orders. The strategy just gives Gekko's portfolio manager to go 'short' or 'long'. So if we have issued a 'long' advice, then after a while we can sort of close that order by giving a 'short' advice. But we can not even be sure what amount has Gekko sold after our advice.

I guess we can discuss this with Mike and see whether he is willing to make changes to Gekko that would make possible the development of more complex strategies."

@Mike are you planning on stop-loss and take-profit capabilities on trades? Also how does the bot operates in live trading? It just does a market buy/sell with all the account balance?

I guess this could be coded as a series of ifs>else until this is implemented.

Added more:

3) In TradingView when looking at a timeframe with the TD Indicator sometimes the candles have 2 numbers on them. The first (principal) number above the candle and the second (secondary) number below and for example there can be candle with a 3 green on top and 10 red below. Would that be possible in Gekko?;

4) Would it be possible to differentiate between perfected 9s and imperfected 9s?;

5) Would it be possible to tell where the TDST line is at any given time if there is any?

P.S. If you think that the bounty is too low for what I'm asking speak up!


Looks like I will be creating the first bounty. I am open to counter offers and to discussion in general.

I would like to be able to use the TD Indicator (Tom DeMark Indicator) with Gekko. I have the indicator written in Pine Script (TradingView script).

I'm offering 0.01 BTC as bounty and I will send 0.011 as escrow in order to cover for the miner fees.

Not sure what else can I offer as information. Ask away!

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