I begin learning about the basic stucture:
Please You professionals feel free to correct me if im wrong... 

the strategie
/gekko/strategies/newstrategie.js  //integrate a stoploss to a existing strat
the strats would work together by boolean logic (i need to understand this deeper)

there is the seperat ini file
/gekko/samle-config.js   //needed to setup the user interface and define number ranges and more..

for a trend sniffer version of some sort
/gekko/samle-config/config.adapter = ""   //sqlite, postgres, mongodb

maybe plugins defined  //for adapters/trader/tradingAdviser...

The Gecko Structure looks realy nice and clean/logic with all these different  levels.
Its just me not understand in depth yet

now in ide/arduino or mikroC/PIC microcontroller, the structur is one sheet! hehe

Lastprice looks simpler to begin with:
if the candle period is over and the other.strat makes a keep decision ++ current.Price <= lastBuy - "1.5"%

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