gekko supported exchange for U.S. investors
Everywhere has been shutting their doors to U.S. accounts lately. My question(s) is will an API from work on Gekko or should I start a coinbase pro account and just set the bot to gdax since the gdax api now just forwards you to coinbase pro? Also, are all the bugs worked out with the gdax.js file yet? I heard some chatter about people having trouble executing trades on gdax because of the date or something. Poloniex is shutting it's doors to U.S. based trades next month and I'm basically asking what exchange to trade on as a U.S. investor and please don't say Kraken because I tried them before and they're API was just awful!

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gekko supported exchange for U.S. investors - by macktastic - 10-22-2019, 10:47 PM

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