trade with 50%
(09-23-2019, 08:26 AM)Hallonstedt Wrote:
(09-20-2019, 06:08 AM)MPrunner Wrote: Hi,

i am new with gekko, but it works now :-)
i want to run 2 gekkos with one trading account. So i have to limit each gekko to a trading amount of 50% ?

can anybody tell me in simple words (i am not a programmer, i read some articles about this but didn't understand it ) where i can tell gekko to trade only with 50% of my amount ?

thank you so much


Green Gekko can trade any amount.

do i have to make a new istallation with green gekko ? i have the normal installation like described in the tutorial works fine, i am only missing the amount parameter...

thx Mike

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