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So you've seen some youtube or red some books and thought Candle sticks are hot.
Oh well, I did for a while and stumbled upon some code on the internet, bug fixed it, and then extended it to trade basically.
This is not optimal code yet,. I wrote lots of comments in it,
So someone may find the time to expand upon this one, to improve the results.

I share candlestickTrader as a raw version of code with lots of comments.
I have less time to work out this one, but I hope someone else can continue on it.

Notice some functions I already added into in the code but currently are not used.

So bugs where resolved it does trade on candles,
But I think the whole idea behind candlestick patterns is flawed (oversimplified)  and not all of the theory behind is used
See partly my comments about it in the code, also some parts made no sense to me as I didn't understood it, your welcome to enlight me

This is not yet a good trading bot, but yes it does do candle trading (mostly).

Notice also that this strategy creates csv log files, for research and debugging (in the main Gekko folder)
Since Gekko doesn't show candlesticks, I figured you may like to see the raw data in Excel or Calc to verify this kind of trading.

Read the comments in the code before asking about this strategy
The comments contain lots of info.
I know this is not a very good trader at the moment, but it might be a good starting point to create one
As essentially the candle patterns are derived from the market in this piece of code.
There is no TOML file included, so I enforce you to alter the code if you like to change values, (it doesn't readout a toml file currently).

Oh one warning
Trading on Doji is highly risky
While it does spot a Doji, I decided not to trade on it.. (told earlier the theory isn't fully used)
Doji trading requires more market info and is better avoided if you don't know what to look for.
I got many thoughts about that, but I let you free to code that yourself
You can share your code here if you got something working stable on it.
Just didn't want to put people into high risks.

code can be found here:

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