ADX issue
I am using ADX in my strat but i found that every time i restart gekko or greenGekko , ADX must wait till it get all live data from the exchange first before it start using it even if you restart gekko with no time between  . but other indicators like RSI doesnot do that . it read the previous candle values and calulate it .

and that is a big issue if you use 4 hour candle and ADX with 14 period . you would wait days before gekko start trading , 

poc : 
1-use adx 14 period and rsi 14 period  and run gekko or import the most recent data from exchange .
2- console log adx value and rsi value to the screen and wait till both start showing values
3- restart gekko 

you will find that rsi keep showing and calculating its value while adx MUST wait for another 14 candles to start printing value again

right now i am using work around to save adx value to a file and read from there as i am using multi time frames wth 4 Hours and i cant wait days till my trade kicks in

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