Which backtester to use?
Just to follow-up:


I've tested nickz's gekko-batcher, which works quite nice actually. Fairly easy to get it up and running. I found a bug and it was quickly fixed by Nicolay, so with regards to an active project; this looks promising. I've mainly tested the bruteforce option.

Personally I would also like to see the %winning trades, %losing trades, biggest win, biggest loss in the output file, but I guess that's a feature that can be added.

Nice tutorial: https://forum.gekko.wizb.it/thread-1535.html

What I like about this project is the smart-aspect of the genetic algorithm being used! I love to think that it's actually guestimating and trying, instead of just throwing some numbers out there. Setup was also fairly easy, as long as you pull "the 49" when using Gekko 0.6. I do miss the output in a file for me to browse through and compare/draw some conclusions myself. I'm awaiting answers if it's a possibility at all.

So for now, I'm leaning towards a combination of the two: let Gekkoga get me baseline which I can use in gekko-batcher to get a bit more insight.

Anyone care to share what they think about my findings and/or what they use?

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