Some newbie questions..
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Quote:After doing lots of reading & exploring, I want to say a massive big thank you to askmike & the other developers for sharing & developing a great thing! Im already looking forward to the new UI and watching closely at the exciting Gekkoplus project!

You are very welcome Smile

Quote:Then I installed on Pi  - so far only have run the --ui version.
But i think my first mistake was using the same API key as my backtesting OSX - on my live Pi - i got fairly regular "nonce supplied" errors. A quick search on here and learn there is a 8 per second limit, so I generated a new API key, so one for live Pi & one for backtesting on mac. - But i'm still getting fairly regular nonce errors. on some occasions i get a whole html dump of a cloudflare page (504 error) in my terminal.

Note that if you are only backtesting & importing Gekko doesn't use any API key! The API keys are only used when you start a live trading bot. I am actually in the process of improving the integration specifically with Poloniex, I am noticing these cloudflare outputs to and will be working to stabalize poloniex usage.

Poloniex API is a bit unstable: if Gekko does a request changes are quite big that something goes wrong somewhere and Gekko needs to figure out whether the request (for example an API call to buy) actually went through or not. It's a bit better than the API from Kraken but not by much..

Quote:So my 1st question: Are the nonce errors because my live bot is using 1 minute candles? Am i hammering the API too much? is there any easy solution?

No! Gekko doesn't fetch candles at all, but it fetches trades (and convert those into candles), it will only do this once every few seconds so that shouldn't cause that many problems.

Note that poloniex has limitations on API keys as well as on your IP address. The reasons why you might be experiencing API limits:

- You are importing from poloniex at the same time (from the same IP)
- You are running multiple live Gekkos (tradebot or paper trade) on poloniex (from the same IP or with the same API keys)
- You are using other software that uses the same API keys

Another note: what generally makes it hard for Gekko is if you have slow located or are located far away from the exchange. Poloniex is hosted in US east so if you are in Asia all requests might take some time. The first step is making sure that you have stable internet yourself.

Quote:2nd question: My pi is using 6gb card, my strat runner is pulling 1 min candles. Is this a ticking time-bomb?  my instinct tells me im going to run out of space in sqlite soon. Any ideas how much GB of disc space a month of 1 minute candles will be. Should i look at a cron script to clean up or is that a bad idea & required for the bot to work?

sqlite is very compact and 1 minute candles don't store that much on disk. 6GB is more than plenty for years of data over a number of markets. However Gekko also generates log files if you are using the UI, they are stored in the `gekko/logs` folder. If they grow big you can always manually delete them (even when Gekko is running). That said 6GB is a lot of space for Gekko Smile

 Hi mike first big thanks and congratulations for nice job (gekko) and my same problem carlo 3nd questions

3rd question:
'[ws] stale websocket client, terminating..'
[Image: 9.jpg]

 have a nice day

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