Profits only in longer duration Candles
I am new to crypto bots.
Thank you guys for your contribution towards this forum. It helped me a lot.
Coming to the point.

I manually backtested hundreds of strategies with different time frames for the past 8 months data (I couldn't get the GA to work)
Most of the strategies available built-in or custom (available on GitHub) with default parameters yielded losses in this bear market in one hour or 15 minutes candles.

But if I configure Candle size to 10 hours or more, then strategies like DEMA, MACD, neuralnet return positive results but with only few trades . As 10 hour candle size leads to longer exposure (in days) i feel it implies more risk.

I couldn't find a strategy which would perform in a bear market with smaller candlesize say 5 min or 1 min so gekko can do more frequent low risk/profit trades.

Am I missing anything? Would appreciate any pointers or leads

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Profits only in longer duration Candles - by altamash - 11-19-2018, 03:15 PM

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