Binance disable and enable

I been using Gekko now two weeks about and i do love it :Smileakes time to get to know all but slowly im getting there. BUT i do have this problem with Binance caused by my strategy "i think". Im using right now strategy with stopploss and as when use stoploss the bot make's a buy and trye to sell but only seem's to wait just a second or two and cansel the sell due to stoploss setting.. Now im not really sure if this is caused to this but believe so. Now i got a email "again" from Binance about trading disabling/enable. First time when i did get this i make new API for bot and was good to go. So now i disabled the stopploss to see if getting better. 

So im worried about this. Can it be only stopploss setting that does this or what? Also wunder how can i add Bitstamp in Gekko bot =) 

Thank you [Image: wink.png]

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