Domain + SSL + NGINX vs. IP + NGINX
(11-08-2018, 08:05 AM)askmike Wrote: If you don't want to start hacking Gekko's server code (the UI) the easiest way would be to run multiple Gekko instances. Configure them to run on different ports and create multiple nginx sites to run all of them (have basic auth per user or something). I would also recommend using a single database like postgres all the gekko servers can share.

Keep in mind there are still potential issues: if user_A and user_B run a live bot on the same exchange your server's IP might get banned since both Gekkos will do a lot more requests.


I am actually building a cloud service right now, it comes with the things you described as well as a new UI and such. Check it here:

Okay, thanks for this Information. It helps me a lot =). So first i will keep just one gekko running. Is there a date for the gekko-plus release?

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