Upcoming Strategy Competition: win 0.1 BTC!

Thanks for the compliments on the video. Much appreciated.

Based on the output from the json file for "IWannaBeRich-Private", the first roundtrip was based on the sell price minus buy price. If it was sell price minus price at start of the contest (assuming the buy advice was ignored since we started in a long position), the strategy would have lost even more money and wouldn't look as good as it does.

But I think Gekko Plus should use sell price minus price when the bot starts as I imagine some Gekko Plus users will start off in long positions and sell price minus buy price is incorrect as there won't be any currency to execute the trade. But this is moot if in live trades, that buy advice is ignored as Gekko considers the user's portfolio already exposed (that's my understanding of how things work in the current version of trader.js).

On a separate note, It is good to see in the json file it records the Linux time so you can see the bot ran to completion w/o issue. It doesn't completely address the "black box" issue I mentioned in the video where some strategies after actively trading for the first week of the competition stops completely (and worse, stops after issuing a buy order, so it ends up holding a bag as the market went downhill) because even though we know the bot is working, we don't have enough info on why the strategy stop the way it did. Maybe there should be a comment section for the strategy creators to give some information about why their strategy performed the way it did during the contest. This will give some insight without having the strategy creators give away the "secret sauce" of their strategies.
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