Long/short after a period of time.
Hi everyone. I was searching for a couple of days now, and I can't find a solution to this. Basically I want to make a trade after a specified amount of time has passed from the last trade. I'm new to this bot, so sorry for any noobish behavior :) How should Ii approach this? I'm also trying to find documentation of the functions etc. in gekko . Something more detailed than the one found on gekko's page. Not a lot of material to learn from (yet?). Any advice in the matter will be appreciated. Right now I'm testing a strategy based on EMA's, which work good or bad depending on market conditions and simply swapping "long" ans "short" orders with each other inside the code. In moderate volatility for example works good, and gets hefty losses during high volatility and vice versa. Tried stop losses, but they really do more bad than good to the strategy making it erratic and unpredictable. Noticed that the few big losing positions last much much longer than the winning ones, so I thought if I was able to make a position last no longer than say 12 hours it might act as a stop loss in this case. Thank you in advance for any help.

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