[discussion] Supporting market orders in live trading
Very interesting code!

Quote:This should also enable trading mutiple assets on one currency by setting these values in strategy.

I don't think so: with Gekko is constantly fetching your balances and triggering events when they change. If you run multiple bots over the same pairs there are a number of other problems we need to solve first.

Quote:All three params are able to handle absolute values or percentages. So setting a setTakerLimit of 1% within the advice will buy for example at the highest available bid from the orderbook plus 1%, so the new limit price is bid+1%

Very interesting, in a few places Gekko supports passing values as notional or %, but I'm using a different interface for this:

  direction: 'long' // or short
  trigger: { // ignored when direction is not "long"
    type: 'trailingStop',
    trailPercentage: 5
    // or:
    // trailValue: 100

Quote:Ok, I implemented this feature today, works really nice

I am afraid your current changes don't work across all supporter exchanges, which ones did you test?

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