Running more than one tradebot per exchange.
There are a few technical obstacles:

- If you run Gekko on BTC/USD Gekko assumes it can use all your BTC and all your USD for trading. So if you run a gekko on both BTC/USD and ETH/USD they will both be trying to spend that USD. In other words: If there is overlap in an asset Gekko assumes it can use the 100 USD you have, but by the time it wants to another Gekko already spend it.
- Gekko talks to exchanges via APIs using a nonce, and these start conflicting if multiple bots use the same API key. A fix would be to have (at least) 1 API key per bot, but the UI is not currently designed to facilitate this.
- APIs have rate limits (how many times a minute you can talk to them), Gekko is currently making sure to not cross these limits. But if you run multiple Gekkos all of them will talk to the exchange individually.

All the above are not problems if you simply create a new account per gekko (except for IP based rate limits).

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