had errors while installing. is it installed ok?
(08-05-2018, 08:41 AM)askmike Wrote:
Quote:why is this so slow? is it binance or gekko?

That's binance limiting how much information Gekko can request.

Quote:here's an album of the istallation errors. i'm currently downloading data for back testing.

Not all dependencies where able to install since you don't have GIT installed. Right now this means that only poloniex won't work, but in the future it might mean more exchanges won't be working.

the first two screenshot is from installation using the website. then it threw all those errors. so I followed the PDF instruction called gekko for dummies found on discord which had me download git and get the gekko22_v62_stable.

so I won't be able to use gekko unless it's installed correctly? How do we check?

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