"errno": 5, "code": "SQLITE_BUSY" }

When  I wanted to start my Paper trader I get the error "errno": 5, "code": "SQLITE_BUSY" }. I already deinstalled en reinstalled.
I have changed thePlugins/Sqlite/handle.js 

55 lines; change 1500 to 5000~15000. 
5000 is 50/50. So, please use over 7000
But this made it only worse

go web/vue/UIconfig.js and change timeout 150000 to 600000 // 1min to 5 min. but this wasn't ether. 

I think that i is something with the database that he is already busy with the markt watchter. Which autmatic start with the paper trader is that right ? I tried to only to start the trade paper but this doesn't work.

config.trader was true I changed It to false in my config.sample file. Still the same error SQLITE-BUSY

The problem is I think that the database's must be seperated ? I don't how only and I don't know if that is the answer


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