Download back data when live/paper trading?
(05-08-2018, 06:30 PM)Ryancoin Wrote: I wonder if I’m missing something. I have more than enough historical data to cover the history gekko wants when working out what to do. However when I tell it to go live it starts recording from that moment (meaning I’ve got to wait a week for it to figure out where it’s at).

I have the data it needs locally and it’s available on the website it’s connected to. So shouldn’t it grab the history it needs and get going?

Are you using commandline or UI?
In commandline your historical data is stichted to actual data and gekko just downloads recent trades.
Unfortunately in UI you need a market watcher, that covers your historySize before it starts trading. The Use of local data is not possible at the moment. I also switched to commandline for that reason.

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