Lowering tickrate
(03-26-2018, 04:10 AM)askmike Wrote: It mostly depends on your candle size and your strategies: If you have a strategy that uses lagging indicators (like MACD) operating on a candle size of say 1 hour, the only difference would be that your 1 hour candle might arrive a few seconds earlier which means your strategy signals a buy/sell order a few seconds earlier.

Thanks Mike for your swift response.. Smile

Ok, currently testing with pairs that have a candle size of 3 minutes with strategy (v1 and v2) RSI_BULL_BEAR from Tommie Hansen because that seems to be giving the best profit (insane) results via GA testing and seems usable using papertrading mode.

Don't know if there is any benefit here to lower the tickrate. Also I don't know if Binance gives problems when setting this to low..

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