[SHARE] GAB - Gekko Automated Backtests
(03-27-2018, 07:58 PM)donkykong017 Wrote:
(03-27-2018, 05:01 PM)fablerII Wrote:
(03-27-2018, 08:11 AM)donkykong017 Wrote:
(03-26-2018, 05:19 PM)tommiehansen Wrote: Oh... Why don't you run your backtesting on your work computer?

This would be preferrable since your work computer probably is a desktop and could run 24/7 much, much... better then your laptop.
If you got a little $$$ laying around you could also buy a small box with some older desktop i5/i7 that still would be much faster then your laptop (due to the fact that it's desktop class...). You can basically find this on eBay or anywhere else for under $200.

To simply remote into it (and check stuff from home) use something simple such as TeamViewer that doesn't require you to become an expert on remote access security and stuff like that.

Running stuff 24/7 on a laptop isn't something i would recommend.
I use mine mainly for testing, not really for doing 2h+ runs...

yeah work pc is not an option definitely. and its also a laptop. Dodgy
i bought the laptop just few weeks ago. and it has to be portable and its not dedicated to running backtests primarily but atm its what its good for and i guess it will do.
yeah all the remote stuff i did that and tried it just dont have a good pc to do that and no good possibilty to remote access from work (its all locked down). if backtesting gets more important and is not possible to run on the laptop anymore i will consider buying some work machine for at home.

Quote:1. No, try reloading it for real since it might have dropped links to etc (or your server might differ from mine thus it not finding stylesheets etc).
Edit: Come to think of it i hardcoded the basePath to /gab/ so if you got any other dir it'll break. This stuff happens when one codes at night, will fix @ future.

2. Yes, there is no 'select.php'; it has been renamed to index.php since 'select' will be the default start screen anyway.
 yeah will have a look at whats new when i have the time. (have my laptop with me) Tongue

just used the latest version. this it what it looks like. there are also some errors and warnings

sry errors are because of gekko not running. stupid me. the interface is still the same..

I've found the solution for the UI - in system/conf.php you have to change the following:

$conf['urls'] = [
                'system' => $base_url . 'system/',
                'results' => $base_url . 'results/',
                'assets' => $base_url . 'assets/',


$conf['urls'] = [
                'system' => $base_url . '/system/',
                'results' => $base_url . '/results/',
                'assets' => $base_url . '/assets/',

thx for the help. but sadly that did not work for me

Add '/' to the conf.php.

So this:
$base_url = $protocol . $domain . substr(__DIR__, strlen($_SERVER[ 'DOCUMENT_ROOT' ]));

Looks like:
$base_url = $protocol . $domain . '/' . substr(__DIR__, strlen($_SERVER[ 'DOCUMENT_ROOT' ]));

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