[SHARE] GAB - Gekko Automated Backtests
1. Make sure you run a recent PHP version. A problem could be that you're running something old; goto your terminal and write php -v. Don't run versions prior to PHP 7.
2. "pretty recent" doesn't mean much, if you want to know your max check your cpu-usage when running 1, 2, 3.. threads.
3. The errors you're seeing is because it could not add the trades to the $trades array. Thus you also see 'division by zero'. I don't know how to solve that since it makes no logical sense since there should be values there. This could be because of old php version that does things differently.
4. No appending results to a date range would be terrible since different date ranges always yield different results and thus SET A shouldn't be compared to B since they would live in completely different universes backtesting-wise.

Btw -- if my answers seem a bit short it's simply because i got a lot of stuff to do. Smile

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