[SHARE] GAB - Gekko Automated Backtests
This can be due to several reasons:

1. The curl_post() function simply died since your PHP is out of memory or something similar
2. The request took way too long time (over 60 minutes) so your curl request timed out
3. You have some settings in your server that overrides all settings that GAB tries to set and thus curl times a bit too quickly (and thus returns error)
4. You run with too many threads which creates a long que of requests since your CPU simply cannot run all the requests at the same time.
Thus you hit the AJAX timeout --OR-- your servers max execution time and thus curl_post() returns nothing.

Try not using over 5 threads and check your CPU-usage to get an idea what the max threads you actually can run at the same time is before your CPU spikes and uses 90-100% of it.

Setting threads to 10+ requires quite a beefy CPU and if your CPU is at 100% (or close) when using just 3-4 threads it means that the rest
of the runs will be qued up (it simply won't run any faster; you've hit your limit).

In future versions i'm considering being able to have an array of servers instead of just one but that's such a super-nerdy thing that few would use so it isn't a top priority and it comes with a plethora of problems (like the different servers needing the exakt same datasets, strategies etc -- so all of them have to be in 100% sync and this should ofc also be checked etc....).
Also real error messages and not stuff like "something is wrong" will be added.

Thanks for helping out to test the tool.

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