GekkoGA on "Bestone" strategy
Hey there, 

recently I was experimenting with tulip-indicators and discovered some challenges. As I want to become more familiar with tulip, I focused on the "Bestone" strategy from here: link

As usual, results of standard settings are quite poor, so I want to perform gekkoga on it to improve. Now I am facing problems creating the correct gekkoga-config-file. Receiving error messages all the time, when starting gekkoga (Bestone strategy itself is running fine via gekko UI). 

Has anyone succeeded using gekkoga on Bestone strategy? Would be nice to share the gekkoga config file. There is something I am missing...


I assume to have a mistake in assigning the "variables" correctly as some of them are named identically ("optInTimePeriod" for EMAshort and EMAlong and RSI). Here is an extract of my gekkoga-config-file for reference... 

candleValues: [10,12,14,16,20,30,40],
  getProperties: () => ({
    // Strat settings must be flattened and cannot be nested for mutation to work properly!

// historySize: randomExt.integer(100, 20),
  historySize: 100,
// historySize: randomExt.integer(6, 1) * 100,

optInFastPeriod: 12,
optInSlowPeriod: 26,
optInSignalPeriod: 9,

optInTimePeriod: 9,

optInTimePeriod: 21,

optInFastKPeriod: 9,
optInSlowKPeriod: 3,
optInSlowKMAType: 1,
optInSlowDPeriod: 3,
optInSlowDMAType: 1,

optInTimePeriod: 14,

RSIhigh: randomExt.integer(85, 65),
RSIlow: randomExt.integer(35, 20),
MACDhigh: 0.0,
MACDlow: 0.0,
persistance: 1,

    candleSize: config.candleValues[randomExt.integer(config.candleValues.length -1, 0)]


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