Gekko and internet disconnection
Quote:Another question, it is true that it would be convenient to select candles at 15 minutes to start gekko exactly at xx.15, xx.30 xx.45 xx.00? the same for those for 5 minutes
xx.00 xx.05 xx.10 xx.15 and so on?

The plus side is that it's easier to look at external charting websites and see the same data. The downside is that if your strategy is not custom (for example the standard MACD or RSI strat) your trades become very easy to predict.

I will add a toggle soon that allows the user to specify which one he/she prefers.

Quote:1) When you start the connection, restart gekko without any consequences

What connection do you mean? You can close the browser all you want, Gekko is actually running in the background.

If you run Gekko on a laptop and you close it, that's a problem and Gekko might not be able to continue (since it has "missed" data). See here:

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