error " Gekko was unable to set the portfolio"
I see a number of people have viewed this-- but no replies.  Is there some other data I can supply to help figure this out?

I've searched this forum and the GitHub community for solutions but found not threads about this here and the only GitHub solution was to get new API key from Polo, but that didn't solve anything.

I'm using the UI module to trade, but the above was the console readout that runs in the background while you use the UI.  Backtesting worked fine, so I know the JS bot worked when it's local data and not trying to initiate trades online.  Which made me believe the API key might have been the problem.

My Polo API key does not have IP restrictions enabled, nor do I have withdraw enabled.  It is the basic API settings.

insert photo didn't work, here is a link to a screen grab of Polo API settings.  Key redacted.

issue reported on GitHub also:

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