[Bounty] Hiring someone to write a simple Strategy
(02-24-2018, 12:42 PM)spellfire Wrote: Hello,
my developer skills are very (VERY) limited so I would like to hire someone to develope the strategy I am using "manually" at the moment.
It's not sophisticated , fancy or by any means new, it's the classic grid trading from forex markets

Basically you setup a price and put x limit-stop margin orders higher and lower than the set price, then when orders get filled  the script replace that order (a buy with a sell a sell with a buy)

As I said it's not AI , doesn't use any indicators , doesn't get you rich quickly...but it 's perfect for me :-)
Anyone willing to help with  this for a price?


Your system and this thread was very intresting to me. 
I do programs for living but gekko environment and javascripts are not very familiar to me.
Altought i am intrested to learn and go my own strat with gekko now.
(currently importing 4 moths data from Gdax)

Can i ask did you get this program working?
About your strategy, is below example a same thing than your strategy?
You would buy 0,1 long and 0,1 short at starting price of 10000.
-If it goes up you sell 0,1 long and buy 0,1 long and 0,1 short again
-If it goes up you sell 0,1 long and buy 0,1 long and 0,1 short again
At this point u have made 0,1 + 0,1 from closed deals and you have some negative results from still-open short orders.
When price swings back to down you will find that profit.
I quess when that happens (and u reach profit) you can sell all open events and start same thing again.

Is this tactic more risky than yours, have you heard about that?
Im not even sure does crypto exhange sites such as gdax allow short orders where u profit when it goes down?
Does anyone know about that?

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