[Bounty] Hiring someone to write a simple Strategy
(02-26-2018, 12:08 PM)spellfire Wrote: [quote pid='2210' dateline='1519645087']

yeah i think i get the idea. but i dont get how that is implemented in a gekko strat without changing the start prize parameter.
the last buy prize should always replace the start price when you want it to be automated right?

>>Well I was under the impression that it cannot be done in Gekko as user ManuManu Stated in this same thread but if someone is able to do it I would be happy to pay for the developement


Afaik it cant be done. as gekko does not know the price you recently bought or sold. what manumanu was telling is that gekko cant also trade small parts of of the wallet. but there are some PR working on that, as it is obviously the most requested feature.

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